Highly Gifted (HG), Exceptionally Gifted (EG) and Profoundly Gifted (PG)

Tall Poppy Stands Out like Highly Gifted - Profoundly Gifted People

We Accept Your Differences and Challenges

We understand the differences and challenges often found in highly gifted (HG), exceptionally gifted (EG) and profoundly gifted (PG) children and adults. We get your ability to focus intensely, and how deep you (or your child or teen) might follow a myriad of thoughts and feelings. You may also be highly sensitive or you may be challenged by Sensory Processing issues.

We Recognize Multipotentiality

We recognize multipotentiality, and realize how it can influence your life—your choices, your work or school, and your relationships. We understand superstimulabilities/overexcitabilities, and see their impact on behavior, choices, communication and spiritual connection.

We Hold Hope and Understanding

These traits might be misconstrued by others. You might find yourself stuck—perhaps overwhelmed by frustration or unable to see hope, or maybe you feel misunderstood, lonely or alien. We know the importance of connections in life on a very deep level.

We also understand the neuroatypical development found in HG-PG populations. Even if you might mask them, we see how your needs might be different. We understand, we accept, we are experienced, and we are here to help.

We will welcome you, support you in healing, and we will always hold hope.

Learn more about our perspective on counseling for gifted populations by clicking here.

We hope that you will reach out and contact us to learn additional information or to schedule an appointment.