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Anxiety and COVID-19


If you’re struggling with anxiety right now, you’re not alone.TheraThrive online treatment and support for Anxiety and COVID-19 (Coronovirus) via secure video conferencing and office Lafayette, CA

During COVID-19 anxiety is likely to increase, and for many it may impact their functioning and emotional state.

Most people have been experiencing more than usual anxiety during this time, even if they haven’t been personally affected by COVID-19. Hypervigilence, intense fears, racing thoughts, and runimination regarding COVID-19 are not uncommon. 

Existential anxiety is also common right now and increasing for many, causing us to question and worry about what we really have power/control over in our lives, and struggling to find acceptance around the things we may be powerless to.

Anxiety is a hardship for many, and COVID-19 has intensified this struggle to a new degree. You are not alone in this struggle; we truly understand anxiety and will work alongside you to help you during this difficult time. 

So many of us are worried about getting infected. You may fear that the virus could be transmitted on surfaces, by clothing, on food, or even in the air. There just don’t seem to be definitive answers to your questions, and it can seem that there is not a way to stay completely safe.

You may even wonder if you or a family member gets it, what would that look like? What types of symptoms would you get? How soon would the illness escalate to emergency status? If that happens, would you need to go the hospital? And, would there be room for you if you did need to go?

Sheltering at home with your loved ones 24×7 can also impact you, and be stressful in ways that are outside of the norm.

Helping you through your anxiety via Online Therapy is a way that we can help you cope.

We would be delighted to talk to see if working together makes sense. Contact us so that we can answer your questions, or schedule a consultation right away. We even offer single-session drop-in appointments.

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About Anxiety

Anxiety comes in many forms. It can feel like butterflies, like stunning fear, loss of control, or excessive worry with running thoughts. Anxiety can feel overwhelming. It might show itself as shakiness, tension, or even feeling sick. Another type of anxiety, what we call existential anxiety, occurs when the anxiety correlates with a sense of lacking purpose, meaning and/or place in the world.

We understand the nature of anxiety, including existential anxiety. We are experienced at addressing anxiety on several levels to help you, whether a child, teen or adult. We work to help you feel better and gain freedom from anxiety. We also really get how symptoms of anxiety can be confounded by gifted traits and high sensitivity, and we work to help you manage that as well.

Anxiety Can Be Different in Gifted and Highly Sensitive Individuals

We understand and can pinpoint gifted traits, overexcitabilities (OEs), intensity and sensitivities that support or are otherwise interwoven with the experience of anxiety. We understand that gifted and highly sensitive individuals tend to follow a thought so deeply that it can be easy to get lost in it. We really get that the gifted and highly sensitive mind can be very in tune with the possibility of potential danger, and thus more likely to activate anxiety.

Some Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety Include:

  • Pervasive worry
  • Emotional outbursts, especially directly or indirectly related to a fear or worry
  • Fears (ongoing, new, or recurring)
  • Intense perfectionism
  • Avoidance, or manipulating situations so that the end result is being able to avoid something that is worrisome, or to avoid something that relates to a fear
  • Agitation
  • The sensation of a tight or heavy chest
  • Sleep problems
  • Feeling sick when faced with (or thinking about) what is worrisome

Types of Anxiety We Treat Include:

  • Anxiety related to adjustments
  • Generalized Anxiety or Chronic Worry
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Perfectionism
  • Panic
  • Specific Phobias (such as fear of needles, fear of vomiting)
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), including Perfectionism-OCD
  • Social Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Agoraphobia
  • Anxiety related to PANS/PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Steptococcal Infections)

We Help With:

  • Self-understanding, so what is underlying the fear can be addressed
  • Identifying triggers and anxiety behaviors
  • Unraveling the complexity of anxiety interwoven with other challenges
  • Managing and eliminating negative thoughts
  • Re-gaining a sense of freedom by not avoiding situations
  • Learning self-soothing and self-calming techniques
  • Gaining perspective, exploring the complexity of the larger picture
  • Increasing insight
  • Addressing underlying and historical aspects of anxiety, such as anxiety that runs in families

We Offer Experience in Anxiety Treatment

TheraThrive therapists are integrative. This means that we use a  variety of methods and techniques in order to form a treatment plan that will fit your individual needs. This includes understanding your particular personality, traits, strengths and challenges. We will typically utilize more than one psychotherapy treatment modality (click to learn more about Dr. Grace’s approach or to learn more about Katie’s approach).

Stress Management

We will support you (or your child) with stress management tools and relaxation training, including mindfulness exercises, to help reduce anxiety and any overwhelm you may be experiencing.


We Support Parents

We also offer support for parents to gain tools to help their anxious children.