Therapy for Adults

Therapy for Adults and COVID-19


We are currently offering our groups, individual therapy and assessment services Online via secure video conference.

Therapy, and mental health in general, has always been important, but it is even more essential for us to focus on our mental health now during the COVID-19 crisis. 

If you are like many adults these days, you are likely experiencing some form of depression, anxiety, and/or other hardships associated with COVID-19. These may stem from the loss of, or disconnection from:

  • Social activities, networking and support
  • Job changes
  • Reduced time
  • Extensive increase or decrease in time alone
  • A decrease in time spent on self-care
  • Relationship challenges
  • Meaning in life
  • Household transitions
  • Daily life changes

Are you worried about the changes going on in the world? Are you sheltering in place alone or with multiple people? Are you feeling more tense, unmotivated, or having existential concerns daily?

We are here to support you with managing all the changes going on due to COVID-19, and we are here to give you a space where you do not have to just get through it or put on a face that implies everything is okay. It is okay to be scared, sad, or worried, and we are here to help you through it. 

Let’s talk to see if working together through Online Therapy makes sense for you. 

Contact us so that we can answer your questions, or schedule a consultation right away. We also offer single-session drop-in appointments if you need temporary support or just want to try counseling for one meeting or only a few.


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Now Is The Time To Thrive

If you are feelings misunderstood, depressed, confused, worried, uncertain or overwhelmed, these are fine places to be when you begin therapy, because when you are in need, it is easier to search within. Even if you have started your journey by reading, talking with friends or family, or thinking long and hard, now is a good time to start the journey. Now, it is time to thrive. You don’t have to do it alone. We actively participate in the therapy work and partner you in your growth.

Now Is The Time To Heal And Grow

We believe that true, meaningful connections can be an important part of the healing process, and can help build both confidence and deeper self-awareness. Often people make the decision to begin therapy during a crisis, as a last resort, or because they feel pressured into it. We understand that you want your life, your work, your family and relationships to be your perfect ideal, but this will require some work. It might include taking a journey inward to build upon your strengths, as well as increase your insight, acceptance, and self-understanding.

The First Step

That first step is often admitting to yourself that you can’t solve all of your problems on your own. That might be painful to face. We have been there too, as have many others. We have all done things the hard way, or waited until things get really bad before seeking support. When that happens, things can seem much worse. However, that does not have to be your story. You do have choice, and you can get support.

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It Is An Opportunity

Counseling offers an opportunity to sit with a non-judgmental, objective and trained person. Together we explore and come to better understand your challenges, strengths and needs. Counseling is also about gaining clarity, a fresh perspective, and acceptance. You learn what is stopping you from being your best self, and you turn that around. In counseling therapy, you will gain important skills to help you thrive.

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No One Solves All Problems Alone

If you are hesitating, try thinking about what has prevented you from seeking help sooner. It can seem like it would be easier to put off your own self-care, even if the problems feel overwhelming. However, no one solves all their problems alone. It is time to make you a priority. This includes your own well-being, as well as your own mental health and happiness. So, go for it. Call or email us right now. That’s easy enough. We offer a free phone consultation, so there’s no financial risk or commitment to start. It’s up to you to take the next step.

Get An Experienced Thought-Partner

With individual psychotherapy or counseling you get an experienced thought-partner and guide to walk your path with you, help you sort through your challenges, and be there with you as you heal from the pain you are suffering from, whether it is:

      • Stress
      • Facing a transition
      • A problem getting a good night’s sleep
      • Deep sadness
      • Intense anxiety
      • Overwhelm
      • Insecurity
      • Problems at work
      • Having a hard time making a decision
      • Problems with confidence
      • Low self-esteem
      • Feeling poorly
      • Problems at home
      • A desire to grow and flourish
      • Or just about anything else

The Benefits Usually Outweigh The Risks

Some people seek individual therapy because they want help, support, or have a desire to grow. Whatever the reason, please know this: You are not broken or weak because you are considering therapy. Everyone needs help or support at times. Ongoing counseling can promote:

      • Emotional and mental growth
      • Treatment of specific challenges, such as depression, anxiety, or ADHD
      • Understanding of giftedness, high sensitivity and/or intensity
      • Healthy relationships
      • Effective stress management
      • Improved work or career transitions or ambitions
      • Positive self-esteem
      • Beneficial lifestyle changes
      • A reduction in problem behaviors
      • Fewer times of high reactivity
      • Self-understanding

The only thing you need to start your counseling path is to be willing to try.

You deserve the support and help you need.

You deserve to thrive.

Our Promise

It is our promise to we will do our best to make the counseling process as pleasant and comfortable as we can. We will welcome you to a warm, comfortable and beautiful environment, where you will grow, gain wisdom and clarity, and learn to thrive.

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