Online Therapy (Telemental Health)

Telemental Health Counseling and Consultation

Telemental Health, also called online therapy, distance counseling or e-therapy, is a way to offer counseling, psychotherapy and consultation services over the internet. A unique benefit to online counseling and consultation is that you receive therapeutic support from the comfort of your home or office.

All of our clinicians are experienced with using online therapy. Our Director, Dr. Grace Malonai is board certified in telemental health (BC-TMH 1033), which is a nationally recognized certification for professionals with specific training in distance counseling.

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All of our services are offered online!

During these unprecedented times, we are in this together, and we are here for you.

At TheraThrive, we provide all of our services online, via live and secure video conference call. Our qualified, first rate team of therapists can help you and/or your child or family, while you all stay safe at home.

  • We welcome you online for ongoing therapy for children, teens, individual adults, parents, couples, families and groups.
  • We offer single sessions, which are essentially drop-in meetings that you can attend on an as-needed basis.
  • We also offer many of our assessment services online, using the latest available testing material.
  • Our action oriented online groups for kids and teens have been popular, for community and social skill building.
  • Our supportive and helpful Homeschooling Parent Support group is meant for parents who are now educating their children at home (come every week or drop-in as needed).
  • And more! Explore this website to see our specializations and additional services. We are currently fully online with all services.


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Online Therapy for Children Works (and families)

Children may worry about COVID-19 (cornovirus), or may be impacted by missing their regular routine and social connections.

We are pleased to share that children, even young children, have been engaging very well in online therapy (often called teleplay therapy). Kids grow so much each day, and we want to provide support and care that promotes positive feelings management, as well as healthy behavior, development and growth.


Easy Access

An in-office, in-person encounter is usually a preferred mode of conducting therapy, however online services are offered for those who specifically seek support in our specialization areas of giftedness and high sensitivity, but are unable to access our office in Lafayette, California. Telemental health can also supplement in-office, in-person consultation for individuals, parents and families who are unable to commute to our Lafayette office on a regular basis, but desire ongoing support.


Secure and Private

We offer live, secure (confidential and private) online video counseling, online voice conferencing and telephone consultation. Partners or family members who are not in the same location can join sessions via group online video conferencing or conference calls.

Equipment Needed For Online Counseling or Consultation

  • A digital device (phone, computer or tablet) in a private area (for your own privacy at your home)
  • High Speed Internet
  • Mic (attached or connected to your device)
  • Webcam (video camera attached or connected to your device)
  • We use a secure, HIPAA compliant version of Google Hangouts Meet for our secure video conference calls. You will need to use Chrome browser (or the Meet app) to join the call. If you do not have Chrome browser, please let us know so we can send you a link for our alternative HIPAA complaint platform (it’s easy too!).
  • Paper, pen/pencil, crayons

Getting Started

  1. Call 925-954-6229 or complete the quick Appointment Request Form to schedule an appointment or request an informational consultation.
  2. Prior to our first online meeting, we will share with you instructions on how to access our secure client portal. It is quite easy to set up your account login.
  3. When you first login to our secure client portal, you will be directed to complete your initial paperwork and enter payment information.
  4. We will send you a link to join our meeting.

California Residents

We are licensed in the state of California, so our online counseling and consultation services are easily offered to California residents. Some of our clinicians also have a temporary license to serve Oregon residents as well.

If you live outside of California (or Oregon)

We are looking at our clinicians getting licensed in more states (in addition to California and Oregon). Also, some states will allow licensed therapists to receive a temporary license for their residents for online therapy (via telephone, online video conferencing, and some other forms of electronic communications). At TheraThrive, we are not set up to extensively investigate provisions for temporary licenses in other states, however we will contact your state board. To expedite the process, if you know the laws in your own state, and you believe that your state will allow for a temporary license for a California licensed therapist to practice counseling in your state, then please contact us. We would be happy to explore that option with you too.


At TheraThrive, we value your privacy, and we ask that you find a quiet, private spot to meet for our telemental health sessions.

What Is Appropriate For Telemental Health Counseling

Telemental health (online counseling and consultation) can be used for any content, however it may not be appropriate for people who are actively suicidal or suffering from a psychotic disorder.

Also, to maintain your confidentiality, it is important that you conduct your telemental health sessions in a private area.

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