Role Play Games Groups for Teens

Need for socialization and connection outside of family, especially during COVID-19

Our groups, individual therapy and assessment services are now Online via secure video conference.

Since COVID-19, teens are more often at home, often feeling alone, and probably have a harder time staying connected with their friends. Groups for teens are more important than ever.

Our games groups help teens stay connected with each other and also get support. 

COVID-19 impacts teens in many ways, including worries, frustration, mood fluctuations, irritability, outbursts, or a sense of being alone in their experiences. Our games groups for teens work to provide support, help build connections, self-understanding, and self-acceptance, while also providing a sense of community and connection with other teenagers.

Facilitated groups are a great way to support your teen during this difficult time in our world. 

Contact us so that we can answer your questions, or schedule a consultation right away. We also offer single-session drop-in appointments if you need temporary support or just want to try counseling for one meeting or only a few.

Weekly Groups That Engage The Fun and Wisdom of Games

  • Games are an engaging way to have fun while talking with other people, learn about yourself and others, build social skills and meet new people.
  • Explore identity, aspirations, and personal responsibility.
  • Cultivate wisdom and tools to navigate relationships and life transitions.
  • Honor non-conformity and build empathy.
  • Through games, you can learn to regulate emotions and and cope with frustration, perfectionism, or disappointment.
  • Playing games can help you learn how to adapt to changing conditions.
  • Whether a game is fast paced or a slow burn, collaborative or competitive, encourages authenticity or bluffing, draws on knowledge or a quick wit, each scenario or set of rules invites different strengths and evokes different skills, offering rehearsal for different ways of interacting.
  • This highly experiential group uses thought-provoking themes from gaming.


Our online games groups are held via secure video conferencing, and utilizes online board games to foster social interaction and to build self-esteem.


Each week will be built around a uniquely theme from the game and an interesting discussion.

Who: Teenagers seeking to have fun with others (and improve social skills)

What: Weekly 2 hour group sessions to include game play and group dialogue

When: 5-7pm, Fridays

Where: Online, via live secure video conference (HIPAA compliant).

Cost: This professionally facilitated group sequence is for 6 action-packed 2-hour sessions for $588, which is $49 per hour (much less than individual therapy)

Equipment: Digital device with mic and camera, speakers/headset, and high speed internet

Future: Group sequences possible

New Client Prerequisite for New Clients: 20 minute Individual Assessment meeting (current clients, please mention your interest to your therapist)

To Register: Send us a request, contact us via email, or call us at 925-954-6229, ext. 0.