Coffee & Conversations: An Existential Discussion Group

Connection and Existential Discussion During COVID-19

COVID-19 has led millions of teens being alone at home with their families and struggling to stay connected with friends and peers. Due to this disconnection, our gifted teen groups are more important than ever.

We are here to help teens stay connected with each other and find support with one another. For gifted teens in particular, COVID-19 has increased existential anxiety and depression, and the sense of feeling different and alone in their experiences. Our gifted teens group will work to support teens in accepting themselves (gifted traits and all), and find community and connection with other teens who truly get how each other feels.

Groups facilitated by a therapist are a great way to support your teen during this difficult time in our world. 

Contact us so that we can answer your questions, or schedule a consultation right away. We also offer single-session drop-in appointments if you need temporary support or just want to try counseling for one meeting or only a few.

We are excited to announce that we will be holding an existential discussion group for teens within the gifted community!

This group will be facilitated by a TheraThrive therapist, and we invite any person age 13-18 to come join our group.


A Small Group

We will keep this group fairly small, between 6-8 participants. This group is geared towards people who are interested in exploring purpose and meaning in life and other existential concerns, while also having some fun and making new friendships!

We Will Explore Together


This group will explore common themes that come up in the lives of gifted teenagers, and celebrate the gifted experience.

Some topics we might discuss include:

  • existential concerns
  • meaning-making
  • purpose
  • giftedness, intensity
  • identity
  • friendships and relationships


How To Get Started


To learn more and to register, please contact us or call 925-954-6229, ext. 0.

We look forward to hearing from you!