Drama Therapy for Kids & Teens

A weekly teen group that is therapeutically experiential

  • drama therapy can help reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • drama therapy can help improve social skills and emotional regulation
  • drama therapy can help improve ability to cope with frustration, perfectionism, or disappointment
  • drama therapy encourages authenticity and finding personal strengths
  • drama therapy offers rehearsal for different ways of interacting, a great way to try out new behaviors
  • this highly experiential group is thought-provoking, engaging and fun


Drama therapy brings people together through fun, engaging, and embodied activities, which can include role-play games and improvised scenes.


Drama Therapy uses play, roles, story, creativity, metaphor, empathy, and improvisation to help people address social challenges, understand feelings, expand one’s sense of self, and practice life situations.


Drama Therapy is for everyone! You do not have to be “good” at acting to benefit from drama therapy.


This group will utilize drama games, improvisation, and drama therapy to foster social interaction and build self-esteem.

Each week will be built around a uniquely themed experience with discussion.

games group at TheraThrive for teens, social skills, communication

Who: Kids and teenagers seeking to have fun with others (and improve social skills)

What: Group sequence is 6 action-packed 2-hour sessions (weekly)

When: Our in-person drama therapy groups are on hold; for now consider our Role Play Games (RPG) Group for Teens and our Role Play Games (RPG) Group for Kids, which also foster social interaction, improved self-esteem, and positive social skills.

Where: TheraThrive, 986 Moraga Rd, Lafayette, CA

Future groups: sequences possible

Prerequisite for new clients: 20 minute individual meeting

To Register: Send us a request, contact us via email, or call us at 925-954-6229, ext. 0.