Groups for Kids and Teens (Now Online!)

We Think Outside the Box with Online Groups for Kids and Teens

At TheraThrive, we offer several types of groups for kids and teens online and live, via video conference.


It’s Simple To Participate:

Our online groups for kids and teens require very little. Your child or teen will need some privacy, a bit of room to move around, possibly some paper and something to draw with, a digital device that has a working camera and mic, and decent internet speed. A table, desk or stand for the digital device to sit upon would be helpful. That’s it! Easy-peasy.


Our Groups for Kids and Teens are Now Online, Interactive and Live

Please click on the highlighted links to learn more about each group.

SENG Model Parent Group Logo

Games Groups: We have games groups for kids, tweens, teens, and young adults. Currently, we have two separate groups, one for ages 11-14, and another for ages 15+. Our games groups are interactive, and a fun way to gain social connections, learn about yourself, and also play games. This group has been moved to an online format, and is super fun.


Drama Therapy Groups: Our engaging and fun drama therapy group has been postponed until Summer 2020. It is open to all ages (kids and teens), and works very well online. Shy people excel in this group, and acting experience is not needed for our role plays and improv activities.


Social Skills Groups: Our social skills groups help children and teens learn social skills and gain tools to help the process of forging healthy social connections and building friendships less stressful and easier to manage.


Coffee and Conversations Groups: Our teen group, Coffee and Conversations is an existential discussion group for teenagers. Our existential groups are a safe place to explore the meaning in life, one’s purpose, and other existential matters. These groups are fun, engaging and people tens to forge new and meaningful friendships. When this group is offered online, the beverage and snacks would come from your kitchen at home.