Co-Parenting Support

Divorced Parents and Stepparents Face Particular Challenges

When parents divorce or separate, children can become confused about boundaries and family roles, and often experiences feelings of anger and loss. This, in conjunction with increased responsibilities and loss of household familiarity, can lead to greater challenges in parenting. If your child is gifted, highly sensitive or very intense, co-parenting issues are likely even more complicated.

Children and teens who struggle with parental separation or divorce might become more insecure, sad, anxious, reactive, moody, have trouble learning, or develop negative acting-out behaviors at home or school. They may struggle with other aspects of separation or divorce, such as schedule changes, inconsistent rules or consequences, feeling vulnerable at a new home, or accepting a stepsibling, stepparent, or other adult into their lives.

Water Fight in Blended Family

Co-Parenting Support Can Help

Co-parenting support can help with creating greater stability, building and maintain bonds, and promoting balance.

When we work together for co-parenting support, it is not about two parents getting along. Instead, we focus on:

  • Effective communication regarding your child’s needs
  • Effective planning for your child’s needs
  • Understanding difference parenting styles
  • Maintaining a healthy bond, even when separated from your child
  • Understanding your child’s developmental, social, emotional and educational needs and concerns
  • Promoting your child’s experiences of consistency and reliability in their life

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