Couples Counseling

Feel Like It’s Too Late?

Do you feel like a roommate instead of a romantic partner? The stress of life, parenting, or finances can be a roadblock to getting along, communicating effectively or being the best couple you can be. Nurturing and sustaining a relationship can be hard work.

If you are looking for couples counseling, then you might already be fed up or wonder if it is too late. You have likely tried everything you already know how to do to get along better and stop the discord.


If you have not been successful with fixing the problems in your relationship, that does not mean that you have failed. Your partner probably did not come with a user’s manual, and the unique skills needed for your relationship are not inherent nor advertised—they are skills you need to learn. Couples counseling can help with that.

We Offer Hope And Help

We specialize in working with highly sensitive, gifted and reactive people, and we understand high intensity in relationships. We also understand the frustration you might feel from trying to fix what feels like insurmountable differences.

Rekindle your connection with couples counseling

With Couples Counseling You May:

  • Increase your understanding of yourself and your partner
  • Work with and understand each other’s sensitivities, intensities and quirks
  • Learn to heal and repair trust after an affair
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Gain tools for productive arguments and fair fighting
  • Find your values, and determine which to blend, co-operate, share or take-turns
  • Rekindle your connection with each other
  • Create a healthy balance of power
  • Build the foundation for a loving, intimate and enduring relationship
  • Raise emotionally healthy children who respect both themselves and their parents
  • Preserve sanity and remain courteousness through a separation or divorce process
  • Discover new hope, despite your challenges

Rekindle Your Connection

If you have looked elsewhere for companionship or intimacy, or if you feel isolated or lonely within your relationship, then couples counseling can help you find and rekindle your connection with your spouse or partner.

If you want more sex, or to feel more desirable, then couples counseling can support you to engage in more effective communication in your relationship.

Couples relaxing after couples counseling
Couples relaxing after couples counseling

It’s Time To Thrive In Your Relationship

Don’t simply survive in your relationship—it’s time for your relationship to start thriving. Our work with couples is based upon the basic needs for connectivity in relationships, and we will explore disconnections—known as arguments, seemingly insurmountable differences, not seeing eye-to-eye, and communication problems—as challenges that once bridged, are pathways to greater connections.

It’s Time To Rebuild

Successful relationships require a strong foundation. The foundation may be made from your history, your love, values, trust, and sense of safety with each other. It is important to know that your spouse is on your side, that you support each other, and your partner is truly a partner.

We often hear that one partner feels unseen or misunderstood, while the other feels like he or she can never do enough. Or, one partner is more involved, while the other is not around. If you are not getting your needs for partnering met in your relationship, the result will be dissatisfaction, unhappiness, which can lead to angry resentment.

couples on roller coaster, image by O. Pete
Couples therapy at TheraThrive

Now Is The Right Time

Don’t wait until your relationship is too damaged to repair. In couples counselling, your relationship can be rejuvenated and healed. It’s time to thrive!


How Couples Counseling Works:

  • In the 1st and 2nd sessions, we’ll discuss your history as a couple and your story, your challenges, and your goals. We’ll also explore how you communicate. We will examine and identify negative habits or patterns in your relationship, and if called for, begin with some new tools.
  • In the 3rd session, we’ll form a Treatment Plan (a map of where we’re going). Then, even as we follow our plan, we can adjust it as needed.

Thrive With Couples Counseling

We have extensive training in Family Systems Therapy, and often use a systemic approach to working with couples. Typically, couples counseling will include:

  • An objective exploration of the pros and cons of your situation
  • Learning about your family of origin patterns and values
  • Using specific exercises to increase communication, build trust and resolve conflict
  • Recommending “homework” so that you can practice what you learn
  • Working as a team to resolve your pain and challenges
  • Compassion and empathy as you identify and better understand your differences
  • Working with a therapist who works to understand, support and challenge you so that you can attain your goals
Couples Counseling at TheraThrive, image of gay couple running off in the sunset

Problems don’t usually go away on their own. Don’t put off couples counseling.