Dr. Grace Malonai in the Media

Dr. Grace Malonai presenting at the SENG 2015 conference

Presentation Material


Much of the information in our presentations has not yet been published and thus our slides are only available for distribution to attendees to our talks. If you would like information on our presentations, please contact us. (Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding!)

Clinical Applications for Therapists of Gifted Clients
How to Talk to Children About Their Giftedness: The Impact of Gifted Identification
Helping Gifted and Highly Sensitive Kids Cope with Anxiety and Depression
Sex and Intimacy in Gifted Relationships
Gifted Identity Project Cultural Influences on Gifted Families
Gifted Identity Project The Journey Lasts Lifetime After Lifetime

How to Reference Our Slides

If you wish to reference material in these slides, please properly cite any and all references from TheraThrive, Dr. Grace Malonai and/or Gifted Identity Project℠ Power Point presentation slides. The following format shows how the citation would look in APA style (use a hanging indent):

Malonai, G., Duncan, S., & Shepard, A. (2015). Gifted Identity Project. The Journey Lasts

Lifetime After Lifetime [PowerPoint Slides]. Retrieved from http://www.giftedidentity.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/GIP-Journey-Lasts-a-Lifetime.SENG-2015.sm_.pdf
Malonai, G. (2015). TheraThrive. Sex and Intimacy in Gifted Relationships [PowerPoint

Slides]. Retrieved from http://www.therathrive.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/Sex-and-Intimacy-in-Gifted-Relationships-SENG2015r.pdf

We are sharing our material with you in good faith that you will respect our copyright, cite properly and use this page’s link for sharing. Thank you again for your cooperation and understanding!