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  • How to Take a Mental Health Day May 12, 2021
    How to Take a Mental Health Day Most people experience stress, anxiety, depression, and other negative mental health effects to some degree. At the very least, we all know stress, whether from our job, home life, relationships, or other life factors. While lower levels of stress may be manageable, increased stress levels can lead to […]
  • Strong Like Amanda: Teaching Girls the Power of Assertiveness May 10, 2021
    by Dr. Jocelyn Markowicz, PhD, Psychologist in San Diego, CA Girl Assertiveness Power: How to Teach Young Girls to Assert Their Power Like Amanda Gorman   At the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, Amanda Gorman, a poet and activist, performed her poem “The Hill We Climb.” She shared these powerful words: “When day comes, we ask ourselves, where […]
  • What Are Your Ripple Effects? May 5, 2021
    by Katherine French-Ewing, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado What Are YOUR Ripple Effects? The other day, I was in the grocery store people-watching (a favorite pastime). I noticed a disturbing trend – heads down, eyes averted, super-weary body language, people silently walking around as if under a spell. My heart wept to see the […]
  • The Magic of Anger May 3, 2021
    by Dr. Denise Renye, Licensed Clincial Psychologist, Sex Therapist, MED, MA, PsyD in San Francisco, CA The Magic of Anger In many of my sessions with patients lately, the topic of anger has been coming up. This feeling is often perceived as a dangerous or “bad” emotion that can harm you and others. Thus, many […]
  • Mental Health Awareness Month: What *Is* Good Mental Health?  May 1, 2021
    by Nicole Urdang, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MS, NCC, DHM in Buffalo, NY Mental Health Awareness Month 2021: What *Is* Good Mental Health?  May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but what does having good mental health actually mean? Throughout my practice as a holistic psychotherapist for over 45 years, my views have changed. I want […]
  • Therapy Marketing 101: Writing Your GoodTherapy Profile April 30, 2021
    Therapy Marketing 101: Writing Your GoodTherapy Profile  To become a therapist, you trained and practiced under supervision. You took classes on human development, ethics, pathologies, clinical interventions, and therapy modalities. What you probably didn’t do is study marketing. How do you draw the right clients and fill up your practice? What is therapy marketing supposed […]
  • 7 Habits for Good Brain Health April 26, 2021
    7 Habits for Good Brain Health Maintaining good brain health is key to a long and healthy life. Theories about what brain health looks like and how to achieve it abound, but there are some straightforward ideas about how to keep your mind sharp and well cared for that don’t depend on those theories. Here […]
  • For Therapists: Tech, Neurodiversity, and Gender Identity April 23, 2021
    by Anthony Cavuoti, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Torrance, California Tech, Neurodiversity, and Gender Identity: Analogies and Applications for Therapists Therapists should assist our sane clients through lingering social insanity. Our clients each have an innate inheritance, unique biology, and the epigenetic forces that translate it. Experientially, they bring whatever experiences formed them in […]
  • Love, Relationships, Aces, and Aros April 19, 2021
    Love, Relationships, Aces, and Aros There are many different words people use to identify and describe themselves. When new (or new to us) terms come to our attention, it’s helpful to do a little digging to understand better what people are trying to express when they use these terms. Today, we’ll explore asexuality and aromanticism, […]
  • Climb and Maintain: Tyler Perry Talks Psychology and Resiliency April 16, 2021
    by Dr. Jocelyn Markowicz, Psychologist Tyler Perry Talks Psychology: Teaching Resiliency with the Message to Climb and Maintain Tyler Perry, the infamous producer and actor, within the full breadth of his creative fortitude, delivered the best simplification of the concept of resilience. In his guest talk at a church in Texas, he provided a powerfully […]