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Therapy for Children


With intensive training in child and family mental health, and with a specialty in childhood and developmental disorders, we are skilled at working with most concerns that pertain to children. We also work with populations that include… [Read more]

Therapy for Teens


The teenage years can be extra challenging or overwhelming. This is especially true for teens with asynchronous development, giftedness and/or high sensitivity. Depression, overwhelm, anxiety, anger and obstinacy can be common challenges… [Read more]

Couples Counseling


Do you feel like a roommate instead of a romantic partner? The stress of life, parenting, or finances can be a roadblock to getting along, communicating effectively or being the best couple you can be. Nurturing and sustaining a relationship can be… [Read more]

Therapy for Adults


If you are feelings misunderstood, depressed, confused, worried, uncertain or overwhelmed, these are fine places to be when you begin therapy, because when you are in need, it is easier to search within. Even if you have started your… [Read more]

Family Therapy


Discord in the home can negatively impact the entire family. Your gut instincts tell you something must be done soon, and you can’t do it alone. Let us help you create a healthier balance within your family. There is hope. Each family therapy… [Read more]

Support for Parents


Most parents wish their children came with a parenting manual! Each child is unique, and therefore their challenges are unique as well. Let us support you to become a more effective and successful parent by finding a parenting path that works… [Read more]

Evaluation and Assessment


Many of our clients come to us with symptoms and/or behaviors that they have not been able to understand, or have not been able to pinpoint the underlying factors or causes. At TheraThrive, our assessment process is tailored to each… [Read more…]



Online counseling, also called distance therapy or e-therapy, is a way to offer counseling, psychotherapy and consultation services over the internet. A unique benefit to online counseling and consultation is that you receive therapeutic… [Read more…]

Education and Homeschool Support


TheraThrive offers both education and homeschool support. We really get the learning differences in the gifted and highly sensitive populations. Education and/or homeschool support can include attending school meetings, personalized… [Read more…]

Professional Consultation


We offer consultation services on gifted matters to mental health providers, doctors, psychiatrists, educators, school administrators, leaders, managers, employers, and parents. In certain circumstances, we also offer supervision to… [Read more…]