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At TheraThrive, we specialize in giftedness, high sensitivity, and high functioning Autism. TheraThriveMC is TheraThrive’s whitelisted survival Minecraft server for people of all ages (children, teens adults). It is for people who already own the Java edition of Minecraft and want to play in a community based on mutual respect and also desire a safe place to be their genuine self.

TheraThrive Minecraft Server


coming soon

Mini Games Area

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Shopping District

-18000, -15

Dr. Grace’s Counseling Office

Upstairs lobby areas, more coming soon

Peaceful Spots

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Streaming Events

Theracraft, TheraThrive's Minecraft server: creators (July 2020)

About Our Admins

Our admins are typically age 15+ and identify as gifted and highly sensitive people.

We are LGBTQ+ affirming, and will do our best to support you to be your best you.

Some TheraThrive clinicians sometimes plays on the TheraThrive server, including TheraThrive’s owner/Director, Dr. Grace Malonai.

TheraThriveMC Screenshots

TheraThriveMC Admins


Master Architect

Admin, creator, builder and designer.


Creator and Admin

Admin, creator, knows-a-lot about Minecraft.


Creator and Admin

Admin, builder, writer and artist.

Videos & Streaming

Featured Live Stream 

We do not have any streams to share yet, however if you are a TheraThriveMC admin, mod or guests and stream, please contact us if you wish to share your streams here.

xisumavoid's youtube channel

We hope to offer streams in the future. For now, please enjoy xisumavoid.


We hope to offer streams in the future. For now, please enjoy GoodTimesWithScar


We hope to offer streams in the future. For now, please enjoy welsknight.

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