We choose to stand up against racism.

The reaction from the Black community is not just based on one moment captured on camera, but thousands of moments captured in their own life experiences, combined with millions of generational trauma experiences. Think about it. It’s time to inspire change. Remain silent or stand together. It’s time to take action. Things will never change if we continue on the path we are on as a country. These experiences do not go away because of COVID-19. They do not go away because of long unemployment lines or political divides. They only go away when people choose to change and stand together. It’s time to make a choice. My hope is that it will be a choice that connects and unifies us as a nation.

At TheraThrive, we stand up with Center for Creative Arts Therapy and many, many, many others, and we will continue to support the mental health needs of our Black community. We will continue to challenge ourselves, each other, our associates and students to become aware of their unknown biases and champion against them for the good of the community they serve. However, we still have more work to do. Will you join us?

Here’s how you can stand together and get involved:

This video and much of this posted was created by Azizi Marshall, MA, LCPC, RDT/BCT, EAT, Founder & CEO | Center for Creative Arts Therapy, and is shared here with her permission.