Wiley Rogers, AMFT

he / him / his
Title: Senior Associate Therapist
Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist: AMFT 117540
Registered: William Wiley Rogers, AMFT (aka Wiley Rogers, AMFT)
Supervised by: Grace Malonai, PhD, LPCC, BC-TMH
Phone: 925-954-6229, ext. 6


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Wiley Rogers, AMFT, therapist at TheraThrive online and Lafayette, CA counseling

Valuing Your Strengths

Hi, my name is Wiley Rogers and I’m excited that you are interested in learning more about Therathrive and me as a therapist. Maybe you are here seeking therapy for yourself, your gifted or highly sensitive child, or perhaps you are looking for real change in your relationship. I’m here to be curious about your experience in this world, to value your strengths and help guide your growth.

I get divergence and have experience working with the many difficulties that accompany giftedness, highly sensitive, autistic spectrum and ADHD. My hope is that I can be a part of a much larger journey of finding yourself in a world that creates so much pressure to be something else.

As a therapist, I value authenticity, connection, creativity and humor. I believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is necessary to build the trust and safety needed for change. I am foremost a client centered/strength based therapist. I create an interactive and creative space using elements of play based, relational, narrative, solutions focused and existential therapy. I am a lifelong learner and prefer to be curious about a multitude of frameworks. I relate to many gifted clients who feel the joys and pains of multipotentiality; a deep curiosity to seek mastery in different realms of life. I like to model and champion ways to integrate all the beautiful parts of our human experience and bring this ethos into my work as a therapist.


Client Centered Approach

I am here to support the person you already are as well as the person you would like to grow towards. Working with a client centered approach creates change at a pace that feels safe, rewarding and true to your own journey. My clients are the purpose of this work for me. I will be on your side, whether we are exploring an aspect of your life, discovering ways to build healthy relationships, advocating for additional care or pushing a school system to provide adequate accommodations. I provide therapy for a wide range of backgrounds, individuals, styles of learning, identities and points of view. Acceptance and encouragement define my way of being both inside and outside of this work.


**^^)) Difference Divergence Diversity (((^^**

I relate deeply to folx that live with the experience of feeling different. This experience is so often accompanied with pain, frustration and questions of self-worth. Just as often, the experience of difference can be a source of great strength, identity and creativity. I believe I can help find ways to navigate the highs and lows of difference, grow further into being true to oneself, develop tools that improve functioning in our society while still imagining a world with less pressure towards conformity. In difference there is inherently rebellion. I feel akin to this rebellious force and am always in the process of questioning the way the world could be more beautiful with difference.


Clinical Experience

I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT #117540), and hold a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, with a Concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. I am working towards completing my hours to become a Licensed LMFT, and am currently supervised by TheraThrive’s Director, Grace Malonai, PhD, LPCC, BC-TMH.

My work is integrative, and I have years of experience working with families, individuals and youth. Prior to TheraThrive, I have worked in school systems in Contra Costa county to advocate and provide mental health services for a wide variety of mental health challenges.

I began my career working with families and youth at Miramonte High School in Moraga. I went on to create a clinical team at John Swett High School working with high needs and at risk students and their families. I am deeply passionate about the relationships I build with clients as I have not only been inspired by the changes I have witnessed in their lives but felt their stories shape the way I think about this world. 



I have spent years in conversation, working and building with artistic individuals and communities. I bring this experience into my work as a therapist. I have worked with many clients to incorporate creative projects, imagination, world building, game design and music making into therapy sessions. I also deeply acknowledge that accessing our creativity can also be an intimidating or uncomfortable process.


Social Justice/Systems

I have worked with individuals with a wide variety of socio-economic, ethnic, racial and gender identities. I acknowledge that my lived experience and privilege may be very different from my client’s. I am curious how this difference informs our relationship and feel that sound therapy can and will make room for moments to process these differences.