Deb Simon, Ph.D.


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Assessor, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Credentialed School Psychologist
Psychologist License PSY 21812
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I Am Pleased to Meet You

My name is Dr. Deborah (Deb) Simon. I am a credentialed school psychologist and a licensed clinical psychologist.

I work with clients of all ages, from young children to adults. I have many years’ experience working with children and adolescents and the many challenges they face – academically, socially, emotionally, and intra-personally.


Together We Develop Greater Understanding

As I like to tell my clients at the start of our work together – I see myself as a detective searching for clues to better understand your strengths and challenges. I cannot solve this puzzle by myself. I need your help! I want you or your child/teen to be an active participant in the process, so that we can say, when all is said and done, that together we cracked the case!

This is a headshot photo of Dr. Deb Simon Ph.D., who is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Credentialed School Psychologist at TheraThrive in Lafayette, CA and online (assessments)

My Approach to Assessment and Evaluation

I believe that assessment should be approached from multiple perspectives. To that I end, I work collaboratively not just with you or your child/teen, but also with caregivers, teachers, and other important figures to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique strengths and challenges.

I welcome any and all referral questions, so that no stone is left unturned when it comes to deepening your and/or your child’s self-understanding and insight.

Accommodating and Sensitivity to You/your child’s Individual Needs

Although some of the tasks presented may be challenging (e.g. asking a child to read out loud when being evaluated for a reading difference/disorder), the end result is typically very positive. I typically frame the testing tasks as games or activities, which helps maintain both interest and motivation.

Kindness and a Therapeutic Environment

I offer frequent breaks, encouragement, and fidget toys between tests. I believe it is important to show kindness and acceptance, as well as encouragement to proceed during testing. I might encourage, “How are you going to solve this puzzle? They keep getting harder, don’t they, but you can do it!” Continuing the theme of an investigator, I am constantly eliciting help from my clients to provide clues and/or insight in order to solve their particular learning and/or neurodevelopmental Puzzle.

Insight and Clarity

I offer a detailed and comprehensive report as well as a simplified summary, so that one can easily and understandably gain the essence of your child’s particular strengths and challenges.

School Psychologist

I believe my background and experience as both a school and clinical psychologist is mutually beneficial. This dual perspective enables me to better understand how my clients’ function in multiple settings as well as intra and inter-personally.

I have worked with children in multiple capacities throughout my life. My interest in psychology began in high school. During my senior year I, along with a small cohort of like-minded students, received class credit for working with developmentally delayed and autistic adolescents on the grounds of a local State Hospital. Thus began my life-long interest in working with a neurodivergent population.

While pursuing my undergraduate degree in psychology from UCLA, I worked at the Neuropsychiatric Institute in various capacities, including a part-time position as a teacher’s aide in their inpatient unit. Prior to becoming a school psychologist, I worked collaboratively with teachers in special education and as a private tutor. I believe all these experiences provided me exposure to a wide variety of children and adolescents. This has contributed to my deeply personal and comprehensive understanding of your child (e.g. academically, developmentally, socially and emotionally) which drives what we see and what they experience.

Dr. Deb Simon Psychologist at TheraThrive

Previous Clinical and School Psychology Experience

Although my formal training in school and clinical psychology has centered on child, adolescent, schools, families, and young adults, I haven’t stopped learning and growing. I have growth-oriented mindset and an insatiable curiosity. I am always looking to solve the human puzzle and to better understand how you might perceive and navigate your family, school, and/or professional environments and relationships.