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Our experts are the finest in their field, so that you have access to the best possible support.

Each of our professionals offers a unique style and approach, and we all specialize in helping gifted, highly sensitive and/or intense people of all ages (children, teens, adults, older adults).


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If you would like help in determining which clinician may be an especially good fit for you, just let us know, and we would be happy to assist. TheraThrive is open by appointment only, whether for assessment, a single counseling session or ongoing support. Please complete our appointment request form, call us at 925-954-6229, or email us to ask questions. We are here for you!

Katie Malone, LPCC, LMFT

Lead Therapist

Katie is a kind, interactive and strength-based therapist who provides psychotherapy services to those seeking to improve themselves and their outlook on life, and is experienced at treating a spectrum of challenges and disorders.

Arwin Cotas-Girard, PsyD

Therapist and Assessor

Dr. Arwin works collaboratively with her clients, to spark curiosity within them and help answer any questions they may have about themselves. She strives to provide a comprehensive and authentic understanding of clients’ strengths and challenges.

Doug Ronning, LMFT, RDT/BCT


Doug is an attentive, sensitive, compassionate, respectful, and direct therapist who helps people of all ages (children, teens, adults). He is deeply committed to providing quality care and resources to help you (and/or your family member) lead a more productive, connected, and authentic life.

David Millen, AMFT Associate Therapist at TheraThrive online therapy and Lafayette office

David Millen, AMFT

Senior Associate Therapist

David Millen, AMFT, is an empathetic and creative therapist who uses non-directive play therapy and other modalities to support clients to communicate better in their friendships and relationships, and to grow in self understanding and self-esteem. He also believes in supporting his clients to build community cohesion and awareness.

Dr Jeannine McAdams Assessor at TheraThrive online and Lafayette, CA

Jeannine McAdams, PsyD

Psychometrist Assessor

David Millen, AMFT Associate Therapist at TheraThrive online therapy and Lafayette office

Sean M Peterson, AMFT

Senior Associate Therapist

David Millen, AMFT Associate Therapist at TheraThrive online therapy and Lafayette office

Rhani Rabago, AMFT

Associate Therapist

Cyrene Underhill, AMFT, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at TheraThrive

Cyrene Underhill, AMFT

Associate Therapist

Cyrene Underhill, AMFT, is a kind and patient therapist who provides a safe and confidential space for clients to talk freely, so that they can learn through activities and play, as well as discover and forge meaningful connections with others. Cyrene quickly builds rapport clients of all ages, and provides skilled support through changes and challenges. (note: the placeholder image is temporary!)

Grace Malonai, PhD, LPCC, BC-TMH

Director, Therapist

Dr. Grace has focused on learning about giftedness, high sensitivity, and sensory issues with the gusto of a highly educated, information-seeking momma bear (that’s a lot of gusto). Over 20 years of this study has allowed her to successfully assist many highly sensitive, intense, gifted children, their parents, and families.

Elizabeth Hays-Lohrey, PsyD

Consultant to TheraThrive

Dr. Elizabeth is an experienced psychologist and assessor who genuinely gets gifted. She deeply respects her clients, and strives to help them find clarity and understanding about their unique strengths, differences and challenges. Dr Elizabeth is a consultant to TheraThrive (not a TheraThrive employee).