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Joseph’s Approach

Joseph’s Approach:  The work I engage in as a therapist is aimed at helping individuals recognize their own inherent strengths, abilities, and resilience. I provide a calm, safe, and supportive environment as I believe feeling comfortable and understood is a necessity for successful therapy. While working with client’s I focus on enhancing one’s own sense of self-awareness in a non-judgmental fashion.

Often it is easy to become unaware of one’s self in the present moment, which can lead to uneasiness, worry, and a general sense of angst. Through engaging in therapies that focus on recognizing and understanding one’s own emotions, our aim in therapy will be to help you build skills to accept and work through these distressing feelings.

I believe that positive outcomes in therapy are often facilitated by the relationship between the client and therapist. Therefore, it is my responsibility to ensure that therapy is a collaborative process, designed to help facilitate growth and understanding. Although I utilize specific approaches tailored to the individual, ultimately these therapies work best if the relationship between therapist and client is strong, supportive, and authentic.

As both a person-centered/humanistic and strength based therapist, I will assist you in identifying difficulties while creating an appropriate plan to work through these challenging experiences. This may be via play therapy, art therapy, or we will sit and talk to explore together your process of change.

I consider myself to be an integrative therapist – meaning that I integrate aspects of multiple approaches. Such approaches can include mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, existential, narrative, cultural-relational, and interpersonal based therapies.

Therapy can be an intimidating endeavor to begin, often caused by lack of experience or knowledge of the process. With that said, I encourage you to explore more about myself and the approaches I often utilize so that you can be more informed and comfortable with the process.

I hope you will stay a while to explore this website. Please click here to learn more about me, and click here to contact us.

Joseph especially enjoys helping kids, teens and young adults. He specializes in working with substance abuse and addictions, as well as highly sensitive people. Joseph believes it is important to be fully present with his clients, to help them walk the journey towards lasting change.