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Dr. Laura’s Approach


Curiosity and Openness

I approach all of my work with clients with curiosity and openness and I am skilled at building a strong working alliance with clients with widely varied backgrounds.

With Warmth and Authenticity

My approach is warm, authentic, and active and I often integrate treatment modalities in order to customize treatment for my clients.


Assessment Style

I also approach psychological testing in an integrative way with the overarching goal of developing a robust understanding of a client’s strengths, and challenges in addition to answering specific referral questions.

I am passionate about my work as a Clinical Psychologist and enjoy helping people realize their potential—whether it is through individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, psychological assessment or evaluation of complex diagnoses.


Assessment Approach

Psychological assessment, which may also be referred to as psychological testing, is unique. It can be compared to the psychological equivalent of getting medical tests, yet I don’t think this comparison captures the nuances of psychological testing.

In my opinion comparing psychological testing to medical tests makes the process sound sterile, and although psychological assessment can certainly feel that way depending on the setting and the assessor, my goal is to help you/your child feel at ease, curious, and engaged in the process and hopefully even find it exciting and fun!


A Journey of Self-Discovery

I like to think of the process of psychological assessment as engagement in in-depth qualitative research on you or your child that is done in a systematic and highly individualized way. It is an opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery that is different than the process of psychotherapy (although certainly related and often very helpful to ongoing psychotherapy).


An In-Depth Understanding

My overall goal for assessment is to develop an in depth understanding of my client’s’ strengths and also determine areas that may need some attention, as well as provide recommendations that will facilitate change. I bring my skills as a highly trained clinician and researcher as well as my warmth, genuineness, curiosity and analytical nature to my assessment approach in order to create the equivalent of an individualized map that will guide you on your path to enlightenment.

Assessment Process

The assessment process typically starts with finding out more about you/your child and the reasons for seeking out psychological testing. If it seems appropriate to proceed with testing at TheraThrive, we will schedule an initial session that will provide an opportunity for me to gather some background information and ask questions – probably lots of questions — about you.  This initial session also allows you to get to know me and get a feel for my working style.

The information I obtain in the initial session will also help me determine what tests and/or questionnaires will be the most useful for addressing referral questions. Typically I have a standard battery of tests that I usually like to administer that will provide a solid foundation for most testing referral questions, which I will then customize as needed.

Your (or your child’s) responses to tests and/or questionnaires, as well as the information obtained over the course of testing, will provide the information I will then use to write an assessment report with results, interpretation, impressions and recommendations.

Typically, at the conclusion of testing after I’ve completed your report I will schedule an in person feedback session to go over the results of the assessment, discuss recommendations, and answer any questions about the testing results. I recommend a minimum of one feedback session, yet I have also provided additional feedback sessions if requested or required.

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