Arwin Cotas-Girard, Psy.D.

My name is Dr. Arwin Cotas-Girard and I love working with children of all ages (including adults who are young at heart)!

I believe that assessment should not only be investigative, but also playful, warm, and respectful. I work collaboratively with my clients, their caregivers, and other important people and systems in their lives to gain a comprehensive and authentic understanding of both their strengths and challenges.

I hope to spark curiosity within my clients and answer any questions that they may have about themselves throughout the evaluation process.

Healing Through Self Discovery

I am trained in Therapeutic Assessments and consider my evaluations to also be brief therapeutic interventions that may allow healing and change to occur through the process of self-discovery and reworking of narratives.

I Offer Insight and Clarity

I strive to bring the insight and clarity necessary to ensure my client’s future well-being. To ensure this, assessment results will be provided in language that is easy to understand and matched to an individual’s developmental level, which includes personalized fables for children or letters to adolescents and adults.

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