About Therapy

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Therapy is a Path to Healing

Therapy is a path to healing, and a path that promotes mental health fitness. It can be holistic, and often the healing occurs deep within. As you grow in personal insight, aspects of who you are become clearer and easier to understand. Therapy is a discovery process of finding the meaning you have been looking for. It is about personal growth and opening in awareness. For children, therapy can be a time to be fully heard and accepted, a time and place to play, create, and heal, a space to process memories, thoughts and feelings, and to learn new skills.

We understand that you may be really busy, that your life might be full and overwhelming already, so it could be hard to take out time for therapy. However, we believe that therapy is not a luxury, it is a pathway to healing, to feeling better, and to finding yourself.
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One of our mottoes is “turn challenges into growth and opportunity.” If you or your family is facing a particular challenge (or transition, heartache, loss, school or work problem, etc.), then just the fact that you are facing that challenge could be anxiety provoking in itself, or mean that you are under extra stress.

Still Thinking About Therapy?

If you are exploring, and not sure if you are ready to make the choice to start therapy, then we recommend that you ask yourself what is stopping you. What is holding you back? If you do not start therapy, what would that mean for you or your family? Is it worth the risk to commit to change? Are you worth that risk? Is your partner, spouse or family? Counseling and psychotherapy may increase:

  • Empathy and compassion
  • Patience
  • Intimacy
  • Personal strength
  • Insight
  • Self-understanding
  • Effective communication
  • Positive relationships with your children, partner, parents, siblings, and friends
  • Tolerance for stress
  • The ability to feel centered and calm
  • Work performance and creativity
  • Tools for parenting
  • Positive behavior

Let Us Help You

It is possible that the same problems and challenges that may be motivating you to explore the option of therapy right now, could contain the seeds of unique opportunities for personal growth. It is our job to help you find those opportunities and facilitate their development.

It’s Time To Thrive!

Therapy can benefit just about everyone. Even people who do not feel that something is wrong can benefit, because they can grow. Also, everyone needs help at times. If you are here, seeking information at this website, then you are likely ready to begin.

Please keep exploring this website, because you may find helpful information or something that speaks just to you.
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